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The April 2015 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is available for your reading pleasure. Our cover story is on microservices, those little bundles of individual functionality that are taking the notion of loosely coupled architecture to a whole new level. Our editor Christina Mulligan takes a deep dive into the subject and turns up some great information. It’s a must-read if you’re building composite apps! 


SD Times is delighted to welcome Nevatech as a first-time advertiser! Nevatech provides the Sentinet platform for SOA governance and API management, including access control, security, federation, governance, monitoring and more. Learn more and download a free trial at

• Android Development: A Pain in the Apps for Developers: Sure, Android is growing by leaps and bounds, with new versions of the operating system and the latest hardware hitting the market at a rapid pace. But what does that mean for developers? Forking. Fracturing. Our editor Rob Marvin provides some tips for writing “Android” apps that can run on multiple devices and not lose anything in the process.

• API Management: In today’s development world, applications are written to call into existing cloud services and other applications via APIs. And, as they grow in use, so does the headache of managing them all. Senior editor Alex Handy looks at the techniques for managing APIs, and the software that’s out there to help you do it.

• Mitchell Hashimoto Wants to Automate the World: The creator of Vagrant has been programming since the age of 12 because, as he said, “I wanted to cheat games.” Now 25, he’s revolutionizing the creation of virtualized development environments. A fascinating look at a fascinating individual.

Also, this issue’s “Buyers Guide” covers tools for doing Big Data analytics. Having trouble making sense and finding insights from within the mountains of data your organization is collecting? This guide will help you sort it all out, and give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

PLUS, this month’s issue carries a mini-catalog for BZ Media’s SPTechCon Developer Days, from June 24-26 in Burlingame, California. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of building application s for SharePoint and Office 365, this developer-only event is for you. Registration is open at!

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