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The April 2017 issue of SD Times features a cover story on the Android platform, and lists 11 reason why Android is winning the mobile war. From being taught in colleges, to Google Home, contributing editor Alexandra Weber Morales details all the features and integrations that make Android the smart choice for smartphone, tablet, home and even automotive apps.

• Security Playbook for 2017: From LinkedIn to Yahoo, companies fell into the hands of hackers and identity thieves in 2016. Each year, companies seem to make the same security resolutions, only to face roadblocks like skill shortages, time constraints and budget issues, which prevent them from implementing good security practices. Online and social media editor Madison Moore talks to security experts, who recommend that companies consider these trends and best practices, instead of scrambling to fight off attacks for yet another year.

• Controlling Software Containers: More than a revolutionizing approach to software development, containers – and microservices – enable greater app agility, reliability, portability, efficiency and innovation. Online and social media editor Christina Cardoza explains how moving away from a monolithic application architecture to a distributed services architecture speeds development while maintaining functionality and availability.

• Buyers Guide – Application Performance Monitoring and Management: Among the best ways to assess how your applications satisfy users is to track how the apps are working. Monitoring and management tools are essential for gauging performance. This guide looks at the leading solutions in the space.

There’s even more, but you’ll have to download the issue and see for yourself!

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