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Nothing beats lying on the beach with some good reading material. The July 2016 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is now available for your seaside reading pleasure. This month’s cover story looks at the digital transformation that many businesses are undergoing, and asks the questions: Is the digital world in which we live driving demand for quality at speed, or are agile techniques that result in “better software faster” enabling the digital transformation? And, so long as organizations get there, does it matter? And make no mistake: To remain competitive, businesses will surely make the transformation.

We know you’ll enjoy this month’s other news articles, features and analysis.

• NewSQL: Trying to Define a Shifting Database Landscape. The term wasn’t an attempt to define a new category, writes contributing editor Lisa Morgan. It was an attempt to describe a group of products that were trying to do something new with a relational SQL database. Read about how new data architectures look to solve problems that neither SQL nor NoSQL can solve on their own.

• Testing Wearables. Wearables are extensions of smartphones and tablets, but with their own unique interfaces that require rigorous testing. Certainly, some mobile app testing can be applied, but there are some critical differences. Pavel Novik spells them out, and concludes that one test does not fit all wearables. An important read for anyone developing apps for wearable devices.

• Typeface to Interface. Graphics design is curated from posters and signs through digital communication in an exhibit running through Oct. 23 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Senior editor Alex Handy takes it in and shares some interesting behind-the-scenes stories of artist Aaron Marcus.

• Buyers Guide: Rugged DevOps. Security, reports contributing editor Alexandra Weber Morales, is one of the last places where the archaic approach of development handing off the software to a different team and walking away still reigns. The notion of Rugged DevOps is that security becomes a first-class citizen in the life cycle.

There’s even more, but you’ll have to download the issue and see for yourself!

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