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sublettercov314The June 2015 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is available for your reading pleasure. Our cover story this month looks at Java as it turns 20, with everything good (and not-so-good) about the language and platform that made “write once, run anywhere” a reality. We speak with creators of the language to look at how it all began, and where it’s all going.

• The 2015 SD Times 100: Has your organization managed to climb to the top of the industry heap? The editors of SD Times again examine the software development industry landscape, looking for those companies that demonstrated leadership or displayed tremendous innovation or influence over the industry. There are some familiar names, and some new ones as well. Check it out.

• JavaScript Takes the Enterprise: Once dismissed as a lesser language than a compiled language, the growth of the framework and library ecosystem around JavaScript, coupled with the emergence of applications written to run solely in the cloud, has propelled the language into the development mainstream.

• Developing High-Quality Code the .NET Way: If all a developer did was write and commit code to source control to demonstrate his or her value and creativity, they should be concerned. There are steps to ensure quality – a software development process. RedMetal CTO Rich Crane offers his perspective on writing quality code for .NET.

Also, this month’s Buyer’s Guide turns the spotlight on testing. Changing times, threats and techniques mean that testers and developers have to stay on top of those changes. And, they must stay on top of the tools that help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

BONUS: If you’ve missed Google I/O, BZ Media’s AnDevCon –the Android Developer Conference – is the place to be to hear about the latest on Android M and to learn skills you can apply to your work today! A mini-catalog rides along with this issue!

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