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The March 2015 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is available for your reading pleasure. Our cover story is on drones – the peaceful, commercial ones – and we speak with DroneCode’s Andrew Tridgell about this burgeoning new space, and what the role of developers will be. 

We know you’ll enjoy this month’s other news articles, features and analysis. 

• Testing in an Agile World: As development processes shrink the time needed to release software, how can testers – who traditionally need time to ensure quality – adapt to this new reality? Editor Christina Mulligan looks at the issue, and how testers must come to accept some new roles.

• The Ongoing Evolution of Azure: Cloud, writes contributing editor Patrick Hynds, is the perfect name for the market, because it’s as hard for humans to control anything there as it is with the weather. Because of difficulties of running cloud infrastructure and the services required on top of it, Microsoft is delivering new capabilities and features as fast as, well, changes in the weather.

• Data Governance Initiative for Hadoop: The plan is to design and implement a centralized, comprehensive approach to data governance. Hortonworks and others are driving, but will other Big Data players get on board? Editor Rob Marvin reports on the data governance landscape.

Also, this issue’s “Buyers Guide” covers tools for managing your application’s performance. Does poorly written code slow you down? Too many calls to the server? Not enough compute power? This guide will help you get your applications purring like kittens! And who doesn’t love kittens??

PLUS, this month’s issue carries a mini-catalog for BZ Media’s Big Data TechCon, to be held April 26-28 in Boston. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge around Hadoop, data management and analytics, Apache Spark and more, choose from more than 55 classes and tutorials. Registration is open!

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