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The October 2015 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is now available for your reading pleasure. Our cover story this month looks at drones, this still-growing field that covers both hobbyists and commercial uses. What do developers need to know before jumping in? What issues still remain? You'll find out inside!

We know you’ll enjoy this month’s other news articles, features and analysis.

• Companies to Watch in 2016: Our annual feature on the up-and-comers (or in some cases the old dogs trying new tricks). Which companies are pioneering nascent technology? Which are trying something new completely on their own? And what're the chances that they remain companies to watch years from now? We'll let you know.

• How to plug into DevOps: This month's Buyers Guide goes over the companies that will help you embrace this paradigm with minimal risk. Hear advice from companies and see which services work best with your setup.

• Transforming the Web with HTML5: As HTML5 gains more and more footholds on the Web, developers need to know about it to keep pace. Fortunately we found many experts who are able to describe what HTML5 is doing right and what to expect from it going forward.

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