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The September 2016 digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is now available for download. This month’s cover story, “Power to the (Business) People,” examines the advances made in low-code and no-code development platforms, designed to empower developers and power users to collaborate to create line-of-business applications more quickly. Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein looks at the burgeoning army of “citizen developers” these tools have created.

We know you’ll enjoy this month’s other news articles, features and analysis.

• What Does Agile Mean Today? Online Editor Christina Cardoza attended the Agile 2016 conference in late July, where she reported on a panel of industry thought leaders debating what agile means today, what they would change (if anything) if they were creating the Agile Manifesto today, and the biggest barriers to agile transformation.

• Virtual Reality’s Expanding Horizons. As Senior Editor Alex Handy writes: “For fans of the virtual, reality has come a long way.” His piece in this month’s issue shines a light on the coalescing processes for developing VR software, and on the platforms and runtimes emerging to power applications for this new reality.

• Testing in Production. Finally coming out of the shadows, testing in production is being spoken about in the open. This type of testing offers many benefits to development organizations, but there are risks involved.

• Buyers Guide: Big Data Analytics. In today’s world, collecting and storing data has been solved. But the deluge of data from connected devices (IoT) and social media streams is making it difficult for organizations to make sense of it all. We look at the issue and highlight the top third-party solutions out there to help you gain insight and make better business decisions.

There’s even more, but you’ll have to download the issue and see for yourself!

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