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The September digital issue of BZ Media’s SD Times is ready for your reading pleasure. This issue’s cover story, “Satya at 6,” looks at Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first six months on the jobs, and chronicles his early hits and misses.  SD Times online editor spoke to those who know Nadella, and those who have an idea of what it will take for Microsoft to succeed in the future, and put together this report card on his performance.

We know you’ll enjoy this month’s other news articles, features and analysis. 

•  Mobile App Testing: More Important than Ever. In a world of multiple devices – including not only smartphones and tablets but the Internet of Things, like your car or refrigerator --  defective software can at the very least harm your business, or, in the case of your car, end in amuch more tragic way. So testing, which seems to always be the afterthought of rush-it-out-the-door-now development, is actually becoming a very critical piece of the puzzle. Contributing editor Alexandra Weber Morales examines the issue.

•  Office 365: Will Developers Learn New Tricks? Microsoft’s leap into the cloud, with its Office 365 offering of productivity applications, changes the way developers create customizations for their organizations. Goodbye, Web Parts. Hello, SharePoint Web Apps! SharePoint MVP Mark Rackley, a Microsoft development expert, lets you know how your life will change if your company adopts Microsoft’s cloud solution. 

•  One Language to Rule Them All. Different programming languages excel at different tasks, and at solving different problems. But building an application with multiple languages exposes that app to security vulnerabilities. SD Times online editor Christina Mulligan reports that computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University arehoping to solve that dilemma with Wyvern, a language they’re developing to enable languages to work together without creating the holes that lead to malicious attacks.

Also, this issue’s “Buyers Guide” breaks down the software licensing market. Contributing editor Lisa Morgan explains how the way people consume software is changing the way ISVs have to license it, and how customers want to pay for it. There’s also a comprehensive list of licensing solutions available in the market.